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As professional as a white collar worker, and as much amateur as a family company, we are together under the roof of Kurkar Foundry.


40 year’s hard work

As a family business we are in the industry since 1976. We master the business to every inch detail. We continuosly improve our quality thanks to our expert engineering team, modern machinery, quality control equipmant and technical devices.

We started at a very small atelier, today we have modern and huge facility this is due to our care we take on delivery on time as promised and  on  satisfaction of our customers.

Knowledge & Effort

Kurkar Foundry has been a prominent player in production of pik and sfero foundry in the industry in Turkey.

We have a wide range of production in foundry and automotive spare part industries. 

Our facilities are located in Konya, 3rd Organised Industry Area in almost 20k m2 covered area.

Our annual production capacity of foundry is 7k tons and 10k tons of discs&drum.

We provide long lasting and lucrative business relation by focusing on quality product and customer satisfaction not only on product range and production quantity. Quality management is a standart throughout whole processes from base material input to product output.

Our aim is to grow into international markets by leveraging our domestic brand value. Inline with this vision we integrate improving technologies of our industry into our production. Struggle to create better is a part of our life here with the help of our capabilities, automatic moulding, cleaning lines, cnc turning and milling machines, modern lab equipment and induction ocak. 



Satisfied Customer



What We Offer?


We make sure our customers have what they want by certain measures in all phases.


We present 43 years of experience by the help of our modern facilities and expert team.

Quick Response

We are accessible all the time and your requests are responded at once.



Our knowledge and modern facilities improves our position&capabilities

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